escort hotel massage in shanghai


Chinese traditional massage



  • 60mins:600CNY
  • 90mins:900CNY

Tuina, Chinese medicine refers to pressing the meridians on the human body, and the acupuncture points are treated with push, take, lift, pinch, and sputum. Massage, a non-pharmacological natural therapy, physical therapy. Usually refers to the doctor using his hands to act on the patient's body surface, the injured part, the discomfort, the specific acupoints, the painful place, the specific use of push, take, press, rub, lick, pinch, point, shoot, etc. Various forms of techniques and strengths, in order to achieve the effect of dredging the meridians, implanting blood, invigorating the pain, relieving the evils, strengthening the yin and yang, and prolonging the lifespan. 

Foot relaxing massage



  • 60mins 600CNY
  • 90mins 900CNY

Foot   relaxing  massage is based on the principle of stimulating acupuncture points.Our body, through the role of metabolism, can eliminate the waste and toxins in the body. The lymphatic system, the kidneys, the large intestines, the skin, etc. scattered throughout the body are the main organs that exclude the waste generated by metabolism, if these organs If the function is abnormal, the waste and toxins in the body cannot be eliminated, and the body will naturally be unhealthy.The foot massage can significantly stimulate the reflex zone of each part, so that the blood circulation is smooth, and the waste and toxin accumulated in the body can be eliminated, which can make the metabolism work normally and finally achieve the therapeutic effect. 

Aromatherapy Massage



  • 60mins 600CNY
  • 90mins 900CNY

This is a special treatment inspired by Chinese medicine. It promotes the absorption of essential oils by the skin in the shortest possible time. It has excellent skin care and accelerates blood circulation, relaxes muscles and relieves mood. If you use aromatherapy essential oils, it is called "aromatherapy massage."

The high-quality essential oils and the smooth massage strokes of experienced therapists allow you to relax and get a great experience while returning your body to normal function. Since then, this is one of the secrets of a healthy and happy life.

Swedish massage



  • 60mins 600CNY 
  • 90mins 900CNY

The purpose of Swedish massage is to solve the problem of excessive use of body muscles. It is designed to stimulate your blood circulation, release tight and stiff muscles, restore range of motion, and relieve pain in your affected area. This massage is perfect for beginners who have never experienced a traditional Thai massage. At the beginning of the treatment, the therapist will gradually work on your muscles by performing various massage exercises on well-lubricated skin. To provide excellent healing, the therapist will use the stimulated muscles to release tension and gently break the "knot" in the muscles. If left untreated, these knots can cause you pain and discomfort. As time goes by, this Swedish massage will greatly relieve your muscle and joint pain.

Deep tissue massage



  • 60mins 600CNY 
  • 90mins 900CNY

The deep tissue massage has the same movements and techniques as the Swedish massage, but the pressure is usually greater. This is also a more concentrated way of massage because the therapist is committed to releasing chronic muscle tension or “knotting”. Its deep muscle and fascial tissue structure, also known as connective tissue, is very useful for relieving chronic muscle pain that is exacerbated by travel. 

back、nack、head relidf massage


  • 60mins 600CNY
  • 90mins 900CNY

Carrying a heavy backpack for a long time, manipulating the steering wheel in urban traffic, holding the back and shoulders of the computer on a computer, or sitting poorly can often cause your shoulders and neck to stiffen. Stiff muscles can block your blood flow, numb your fingers, cause severe headaches, hearing loss, migraine and cervical disc herniation.

If you have any of the above symptoms, head and shoulder massage is the right choice for you. This shoulder-to-head massage will help release the stiffness of the affected muscles, increase blood flow into the area, reduce the risk of cervical disc herniation and prevent migraine. After a 60-minute massage, you will feel completely relaxed and ready to enjoy a painless life again.