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Whether you are at home or on a business trip, just book a massage on our website and you can experience Shanghai's top-of-the-line wellness massage, so that the tired body gets care, relieves stress and provides care for the soul.

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Deep relaxation massage

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Another treatment is to apply pressure to the foot and hand through specific thumb, finger and hand techniques. It is based on a system that reflects the body's area massage, which clearly shows the physical state of the foot and hand, thus having a positive positive impact on the body.

Chinese style massage

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Chinese massage has the functions of restoring physical strength, reducing fatigue, enhancing blood circulation, improving people's earthquake resistance, regulating organs, reducing body weight, preventing diseases and treating diseases, and prolonging life. Chinese massage can cause telangiectasia on the surface of the human body, increase the nutrition of the human skin, improve the skin's breathing, and help the secretion of sweat glands and sebum secreted on the skin surface, which can achieve the purpose of beauty!

Chinese massage is based on the theory of Chinese medicine. This is a Chinese massage based on meridian acupressure. It has strong penetrating power, can relax muscles, relieve fatigue, regulate human body function, improve human immunity, clear meridians, balance yin and yang.

Relaxing massage

Happy ending

Relaxation Massage is a gentle Swedish massage that uses smooth sliding strokes to help you relax without having to focus on treating any muscle soreness or tension. At a therapeutic massage rate, the massage therapist will move at a slower speed and use less stress.

In relaxation massage, reduce the potential for muscle tension in the expected exercise - adhesions or "knots" and muscle shifts in muscle tissue - because the purpose of this massage is to let you gradually relax and feel good. In a relaxing massage, the therapist will not exceed your limits to release muscles and may even fall asleep.

Nuru Massage

Sensual massage

Nuru is a full body massage using Asian massage techniques and a body massage that slides on the body using a slippery gel called Nuru Gel. It originated in Japan and is a combination of Thai and Chinese art. It is the ultimate art of Japanese enjoyment and relaxation. Nuru's experience is different from the past, so you can enjoy and feel different.

Sensual happy massage

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This therapy combines the skills and movements of all Chinese, Thai and Japanese Tantric Therapies. Our unique hand-made approach will enhance your mind and body. After completing this treatment, you will receive the emotional happiness of our gentle performance "Happy Endings". This is the last companion to your massage and definitely guarantees the benefits you will receive.

4 Hands massage

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The two therapists performed four hand massages at the same time, the same effect as the two body massages. The therapist combines slow motion and relaxation with harder, deeper movements to solve all the problems you want while leaving you completely relaxed. Therefore, it is not uncommon to perform other types of massage (including deep tissue, relaxation, and even reflexology) during this treatment.



 +86 152 2115 3015 


 +86 152 2115 3015 

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